Day 10 – Heading for the beach

Today’s forecast was supposed to be +18 and sunny. Well it certainly was sunny but we are sure by the sunburns that it was warmer than that.  So what does one do when the weather is sunny and hot?  Head to the beach!  So it was off to Sochi for the day (no events today).  After a 20 minute bus ride and a half hour train ride we arrived in the tropics.
As we proceeded from the train station and walked down the promenade we came across a square where there was live entertainment under the palms trees beside a fountain.  We enjoyed the talent before moving on to McDonalds for a cappuccino, you know when in Rome!
Eventually we arrived at the “live site” (sites with jumbotrons for viewing the events as well as live entertainment) where they had some very energetic entertainers. We went into the coke tent to get our pictures taken with the torch.  Now we just have figure out how to get the pictures. Then it was off to the beach to put our feet in the Black Sea.  I guess we were quite the spectacle as three young Russian girls came to ask us “why we were taking pictures of ourselves standing in the Black sea?” We realized how much of a spectacle we were when we looked around and saw a little kid in his snowsuit and toque complete with a fur pompon the size of his head. Then it was off to do a little retail therapy in Robin’s favorite stores(souvenir shops). However, we rewarded him and made the boys proud, when at the end of the promenade there was a micro brewery where we had a late lunch and sampled their beer.  After lunch we toured back towards the train via a different route stopping to do some more shopping on the way. While on the trip home we were on the ocean side of the train and were treated to the perfect sun setting on the sea.











7 thoughts on “Day 10 – Heading for the beach

  1. cheryl Case

    OOOOHHH. It all looks so good: the sea, the snowsuit, Robin, Colleen, Susan and the Beer! What a great day. thanks for sharing.

  2. Pat Duncan

    May I second that?thank soo much for sharing this blog. I love the photos especially the little one in the snow suit that is some Pom Pom… Stay safe friends

  3. Jennifer & Boomer

    AMAZING! Glad you are having a good time. Mom says you got a shout out from Joan Stanton on CBC yesterday :-) Have a beer for all of us!

  4. Ede Bodnar

    Looks like your having a good time. Great article and picture of Sue, Robin and Colleen in the Edmonton Journal today. I have laminated the article and will send it to you. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  5. Joan & Bill Case

    We are really enjoying your pictures and comments. Thank you. Also enjoyed seeing the picture in the Edmonton Journal. You all look so happy and just so great.

  6. bev mcdonald

    Just found out about your blog! Looks like a wonderful experience all around. Don’ t blame you for one minute for dipping in the sea, truly Canadian!!! Cheer them on for us and enjoy.