Day 11 – Reunion!

On Wednesday night while Sue was checking email and Facebook, she came across a story about the Cdn women’s hockey beating the USA, in the comments there was a interesting post from Ken Tralnberg saying that he had been to the game! Interesting, Sue quickly posted asking where he was and what he was doing in Sochi. Ken responded that he was here as the coach of the women’s curling team for Switzerland and that his wife Terri and his brother Brian were also here and staying on some ship. As it turns out Terri was staying on the same ship as us and at breakfast, Sue looked up and there she was right in front of us. It was so wonderful to catch up with her, later in the day we met up with Ken and Brian at Canada House.

After breakfast, we headed out to Olympic Park to explore the grounds and attend the day’s Short Track Speed Skating event. Our first stop was to the Samsung house to see if the line up for the free phone cover was shorter than the other day (I think Sue is going to have to suck it up and stand in line). Next we tried the line up at the Volkswagon house, after a relatively short wait we were inside, where the new 2015 and prototype cars were. We saw a Volkswagon truck which isn’t offered in North America and a concept car – a hybrid plug in called Blue Cross. Sue entertained herself getting pictures with all the mascots and getting her photo taken with a Biathlete via a computer photoshop program.

On to Canada house where we visited with our high school friends (1/3 of Colleen’s high school grad class is in Sochi – 3 of 9) before heading to Short Track. As you are already aware, it was a disappointing day for Michael and our Short Track team. In true champion form Michael supported his teammate who had fallen, the medal may not be around his neck but he is certainly GOLDEN!

After Short Track it was back to Canada house for a special concert by Roch Voisine. He entertained the crew for an hour, Mom Richards would be so jealous. After the concert Colleen and Robin headed for the hockey game (Can vs Nor). Upon exiting the game at 1130pm it was an incredible sight to see the masses heading for the trains. There was likely the equivalent of the entire populations of the Yukon and NWT trying to exit the park. Surprisingly there was barely any waiting, by just walking at a normal pace the entire crowd moved through the exits and onto the trains. Another night of eating supper at 1am. Happy Valentine’s!












5 thoughts on “Day 11 – Reunion!

  1. Sheila

    Great pictures. Robin & Colleen… look pretty good standing beside that Audi!! A vehicle like that would look nice sitting on School Draw!!
    Enjoy your day… Sheila

  2. KAy Naidoo

    Great updates. Feels like we are too The photos are soooo beautiful.
    take care and travel safely.

    Kay Naidoo

  3. KAy Naidoo

    Great updates. Feels like we are there too The photos are soooo beautiful.
    take care and travel safely.

    Kay Naidoo

  4. Neill and Kim Thompson

    Whoa! Reading the Edmonton Journal yesterday and there is a half a page article and a great photo of the three of you in Sochi, then checking out Sochi etc on the world wide web and come across this! Hello to All from Neill and Kim in St. Albert. We are now looking for you all in the stands… Your post and pics are great.