Day 12 – Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day, Everyone!!!  Omg can the weather get any better.  Again,  this morning we woke up to the sun streaming through the window.  The weather was calling for +18 at Olympic Park, we were heading up the mountain to watch women’s Aerials for a 5:45 p.m start so deciding what to wear was going to be issue.  Once we all decided what we should wear for the day without having to drag a suitcase or rent a sherpa, we set off for Rosa Khutor Extreme Park.  Not knowing how long it was going to take to get there we set out early. After a 40 minute bus ride and an hour on the train we arrived the Krasnaya Polyana hub which looks like a very small version of Whistler.  The last part of the trip involved a bus, a Gondola and and a not so small hike, so we decided to stop for lunch and a visit at Canada House first. Thanks to Kate we were able to find Canada House without much problem, and there we were able to get directions to a place for lunch.  The plan was to sample the local cuisine, and we certainly lucked out, maybe not so much on the cuisine but certainly on the ambience.  The place was very busy so we joined a table of Russians celebrating Valentines Day with vodka (home made) which they were all too happy to share.  After a shot and Kate having to dance for her lunch our meal of borscht arrived.  Our Russian friends soon got dragged away by their wives and another couple of locals joined us, this time they brought a higher quality of vodka which they wished to share, Robin was very willing to be the sacrificial lamb until we said enough because we were not willing to carry him out! We headed up the hill in time for the qualification round then what we thought was a small break and than finals.  Unfortunately there were no Canadians competing but it was still great to see. Our tickets were for grand standing only and the break between the qualification round and the finals was 2 1/2 hours  so after an hour of dancing around and eating hot dogs 1/2 the gang were cold and Sue who has always had an issue with waiting, set off down the hill to return to the boat to hopefully see the final on TV. Colleen and Robin decided to stay for the finals (what troopers) and as I write this post I assume they have made it down the hill in time for the regular 1:00 a.m. supper.
















One thought on “Day 12 – Valentine’s Day

  1. Kathy Stokes

    Sounds like you are having great adventures. Your pictures make me want to go to Russia… beautiful!