Day 13 – A double track day

Finally a sleep in day! In fact, if there wasn’t a life boat drill we probably would have missed the races which were at 2 today.  Meals are at set times so since we had missed breakfast, we decided to go straight to lunch.  With events anytime of the day, meal times haven’t even been close to when you would normally eat , so our stomachs have had to make some adjustments.
Every place we go Russians come up to us and say how much they love Canada and could they take their picture with us.  Not used to being a rock star!  In Sochi, a couple of days ago a lady that stopped us for a picture with her and her daughter, was so complimentary to Canada that Colleen and Sue were tearing up.
After some picture taking we were off to Short track, again a challenging day for the Canadian Short Trackers, but the Russian men won Gold and Silver in 1000m which was so fabulous to see and we celebrated with the Russians.
Every day at Canada House there is a celebration of an athlete, a couple of nights ago it was Denny Morrison’s night after his silver medal win.  Sue was lucky enough to be in the house for the celebration of Denny and of course Gilmore, who really didn’t want to take anything away from Denny but Denny wouldn’t hear of it.
Today was such a beautiful day that a lot of folks were just hanging out in the sun, lounging on the grass around the torch with their families.
Thanks to Jessica we were off to long track speed skating to see Denny Morrison’s opportunity for a second medal. We made a short stop at Canada House to grab a granola bar and fruit roll up, which Sue hadn’t eaten since her nephews were young, then we were off to Long Track.  The Long Track arena, like all the arena’s here, is beautiful with it’s marble floors and walls.  The Canadian Long trackers were on a roll, with all of them skating very well so it was fun to watch.  We had to wait till the 16th pairing to watch Denny skate, then we all held our breath for the last 3 pairings to see if Denny would hold on to a medal, in the end the medal color was bronze.  Well done!
Following a beer break at Canada House, we made the hour and half commute back to the boat to get supper at 1030pm instead of 130am and tried to get to bed before midnight.













2 thoughts on “Day 13 – A double track day

  1. Marlene Nilson

    Hi everyone from a balmy Yellowknife where it was a beautiful -15 today. Not quite the temps you’ve been enjoying though! Fabulous stories and photos … many thanks for sharing your trip. Russia is truly beautiful …. Loved the vodka story! Keep on posting!

  2. KAy Naidoo

    Thank you Robin and Colleen for your precise update on the games and your interactions
    with the Russian people. What an amazing experience. enjoy and travel safely.