Day 14 – Patience is a virtue

After yesterday’s amazing temperatures, this morning we awoke to overcast skies and lower temperatures and the forecast of evening showers.  Today’s event was a men’s hockey game between Norway and Austria at noon.  We headed out to Olympic Park early. When we arrived Sue checked in at the Samsung house to survey the line up for the 3-D printing of a decal for a phone cover. The line ups looked manageable considering Sue is not the best at line ups.  So we all lined up thinking that if we had time we would all get a decal done.  The printing takes approx 30 minutes to complete, so you really don’t want to be too far back in the line up.  So we wait and wait and wait.  Robin pulls out after an hour when several people moved in front of him and he went to offer some feedback to the management on how they could improve the experience for everyone.  They offered him a sample decal for his input.  As the time crept closer to the start of the hockey game, Colleen pulled out to head over to the Bolshoy Ice Dome with Robin, Sue on the other hand was not going to leave without her decal.  So 2 1/2 hours later and after the 1st intermission of the hockey game Sue appeared with her prize.  Yeah! we can check that off our list.
Hockey was an entertaining game with Austria winning over Norway.  After the game it was off to Canada House for free WiFi, loading up on treats for our packs and the usual beer.  As we didn’t have tickets for any more events today we headed to Adler for supper and than home to catch the game (Canada vs Finland) in one of the bars. As we exited from Canada House we were approached by some Russians from Moscow, who were volunteers at the games, who asked if we would do a favor for them.  The favor was that they wanted Canada mitts but didn’t have access to COH.  So back in we went to purchase 6 pairs of mitts for them!  We certainly must have looked like an honest bunch because they were going to give us their credit card to pay for the mitts. After the exchange of mitts, rubles and pins, we snapped a quick picture of them in their new mitts and we were on our way for supper and home.









2 thoughts on “Day 14 – Patience is a virtue

  1. Jenn & Boomer

    OMG – laughed out loud at the thought of Sue in that lineup!! …and with no one there to protect the staff! :-) We are loving the blog….all is well at home. Keep having fun!