Day 15 – Fogged out

By the look out of the window we have had a change in the weather.  Sure enough, today’s weather is going to be a high of +12, overcast with the possibility of rain, can’t complain as it is still warmer than home.  Today was a split day, Colleen and Robin had a day off of events and Sue was traveling up the mountain to see Snowboard Cross.  As the Gondola from Krasnaya Polyanna ascended through the fog, Sue held out hope that they would break through to a sunny day.   Nope, pea soup it was! The event was to start at 11:00 but had been postponed for an hour in hopes that the weather would improve, however without any wind it didn’t look too promising.  They kept us informed every 1/2 hour and finally after 3 1/2 hours they cancelled the event. The race will be run tomorrow dependent on the weather, but we have Short Track tickets so we will have to see it another time.  So back down the hill we went. Kate and Sue then decided that the consolation prize would be perogies, unfortunately that wasn’t going to happen either, so McDonalds it was.
Robin and Colleen tried to have a sleep in day but between a phone call(wrong number) and some ? boat maintenance involving hammering, it wasn’t really restful. At lunch they ran into Brian Tralnberg and he was off to women’s curling. Canada and Switzerland were both playing. Canada was into the playoffs but Switzerland whom his brother, Ken was coaching needed to win and needed some others not to do so well. Following lunch Colleen and Robin toured about Adler     checking out a few shops and taking in the sights. After participating in the usual push and shove match to board the bus we were off to Olympic Park to explore the Russian Cultural exhibits. The exhibits were spectacular -the carvings, the crafts, the pictures and the entertainment. We spoke to one lady from Chutkotka to ask if she was going to be at the Arctic Winter Games in Fairbanks in March but she said no, she had been to Greenland in 2002. In Yamal’s exhibit they had some information on the Arctic Winter Games as well and which years and which events they had participated. Supper was Russian ravioli from the concession stand next to Canada House where we watched the curling before heading back to the boat for a nightcap(Colleen is still trying to work through the tropical cocktails menu) and off to bed. Tomorrow we are back at Short Track Speedskating.











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4 thoughts on “Day 15 – Fogged out

  1. KAy Naidoo

    Thanks for all the up dates. I feel like I am with you both on this journey.

    Todays photos are just beautiful.
    I love the buildings and the history.
    The tulips are gorgeous.
    Take care and enjoy the next few days.
    Kay Naidoo

  2. Uncle Dorlyn & Aunty Agnes

    Thanks so much for the great pictures and the letters ,we are enjoying all of them..It sounds like everyone is having a great time . Take care &Have fun .Love D & A

  3. Kathy Stokes

    Enjoyed the pictures, looks completely different than I thought.Too bad about the weather. Thanks for keeping us up to date.