Day 17 – Winter Olympics found

The weather gods have shone once more!  We awoke to a sunny and warm day, and headed out early to make the journey up the mountain for the Team Sprints in Cross Country Skiing.  The train ride has become our extra hour of sleep as some nights are a little short, especially because  Colleen and Robin keep getting random phone calls in the middle of the night.  After a bus ride, a train ride and two Gondolas, we arrived at the Winter Olympics!  Yesterdays rain provided a much needed layer of new snow.  We had heard that the Cross Country and Biathlon venue were located in a gorgeous area and they weren’t wrong.  By arriving early we had time to chat with Devon Kerchaw’s mom and aunt. After wishing the team good luck we were off to find seats and get something to eat.  Sue got side tracked so that she would get the Canada flag painted on her face.  Colleen and Robin went off to find our seats and Sue brought lunch, Donuts.  Yummmmm!
The skiing was amazing and entertaining right to the end however, we were all alittle sorry for the German skier who was taken out just before the last corner and lost the gold medal. After the event, we all tried to find our way out, Colleen and Robin went back sort of the way they came, while Kate and Sue went a totally different way and weren’t sure where they would end up.  In the end it all worked out and it was a successful meeting at Austria House, where we drank beer, mulled wine and ate spaetzel. Then on to the train for a nap on the way home.  Colleen, Robin and Sue headed for the boat to catch the game on TV, Kate headed to Canada house.  Turns out Kate had it right, as she entered into COH someone approached her with two tickets that he couldn’t use so off to the game she went with Jess.  We, on the other hand, arrived at the boat to discover that they were broadcasting the USA game.  Boooo!












2 thoughts on “Day 17 – Winter Olympics found

  1. KAy Naidoo

    Thank you for the update. The games have been fantastic and your pictures and commentary was good. Enjoy the last week and travel safely.
    The days a longer and brighter. Some warm weather in the forecast.

    Kay naidoo

  2. Kathy Stokes

    Geesh too bad about missing the game. I liked your face flag and loved the pictures of the scenery…stunning!!