Day 18 – Lunch with Michael

Weather is holding sunny and warm, today we headed out early to meet Michael for lunch and a visit at COH.  Early in the morning COH was quiet so we were able to get in a great visit with Michael.  After lunch we headed out to the bronze medal curling game between Great Britain and Switzerland, we were cheering for Switzerland as mentioned before our friend Ken Tranlberg is their coach. Unfortunately, the girls didn’t play to their potential and we watched Ken’s hair go greyer every end.
The rest of the day was a split day, Sue and Kate headed up to the Mountain Cluster for women’s  ski halfpipe which was in the Olympics for the first time. The journey for Sue and Kate was a bit of an Olympic sport.  The girls decided to get a real meal in Adler before proceeding up the hill.  After an ok Italian meal the plan was to get a cab to the train station. Well, after a 1/2 hour a cab finally came and we jumped in.  However, the cabbie would not take us and kicked us out of the cab, I think the cab was for someone else.  Then we decided to walk to the main street and take a bus.  Good in theory however, it is a long distance between the stops, so finally we got a cab to stop and pick us up.  We finally arrived at the train station and headed up the hill in hopes of catching the finals.  We made it with minutes to spare, the halfpipe was worth the journey up the hill.  The trip back home wasn’t without a challenge with the cabs again, however a really nice Russian man negotiated a cab and fare for us to get from the train station to the boat.  With the games coming to a close the cabs only want to take the passenger who are going a longer distance so they can make more money.
Colleen and Robin had tickets to the women’s gold medal curling game so back to the arena they went, grabbing a hot dog for supper before sitting down. It was a great game, not without it’s own anxious moments but after the three-ender we were able to relax. It was rather entertaining as we tried to explain the curling strategy to our Russian seat mates. They were baffled by the concept of blanking ends or throwing rocks through but they all cheered very loudly for Canada anyway. Following the curling game we went back to COH to watch the women’s gold medal hockey game and what a game that was -you could probably hear the cheering at home. There was also a lovely celebration of the women’s 2-man bobsleigh gold medalists in between the hockey periods. Then it was the usual commute back to the boat for supper at 0130am. Not sure how we are going to get back to the usual meal times.















One thought on “Day 18 – Lunch with Michael

  1. Sheila

    What a great story….I did not realize you had tickets for the gold medal game for curling…..what a thrill to see that game!!!!
    Travel safe…..See you in a week.
    Love Sheila