Day 19 – Final day at the track

The day started out overcast but by the time we walked in to Adler for shopping the sun had made an appearance.  The walk into town was lovely along the sea wall, with the flowers out and the local people out walking their children and dogs.  Robin once again pasted on his happy face and endured the souvenir shops.  In the end he would just go from bench to bench.  Then we decided to experience the local transit by taking a local bus to the train station.  We were very happy that is was a relatively short ride, as it was standing room only and hot, of course it didn’t help that we have been constantly overdressed on this vacation.
Off to Olympic park to watch the men’s gold medal curling game before attending our last short track event.  While at COH, we were lucky to catch the daily celebration for the women’s gold medal hockey team with all the team in attendance complete with gold medals around their necks.  After we cheered the men on to a gold medal in curling, there was a second celebration for the silver medal figure skating team event which was at the beginning of 1st week.  Again, we lucked out with the whole figure skating team in attendance.  We had to sneak out half way through the presentation to get over to short track.  It was so great to be in the stands cheering on Charle Cournoyer to a bronze medal!
Robin’s goal for the Olympics was to get the Northwest Territories flag on TV so when Michael came out to start the relay, he held up the flag. As Michael did his warm up lap he glanced up to see Kate and Sue cheering with the NWT flag between them and we thought we caught a grin as he went by. Apparently the cameras were also pointed in our direction and it was captured on TV.  After short track it was a race back to COH to get in the door before 11:00 to see the end of the semi-final men’s game in hockey.










One thought on “Day 19 – Final day at the track

  1. Marvin Zaozirny

    You guys have been very fortunate to witness some history- making gold metal Canadian accomplishments!