Day 20 – Slow start

The weather forecast for last couple of days of the Olympics is supposed to be clear and warm and this morning didn’t disappoint.  We awoke to a glorious day, sunny and warm!  No early start for us today so we skipped  breakfast and woke up in time for lunch!  After lunch, we went up to 9th floor to sit in the lounge chairs, write the blog and drink Cappuccinos, one could get used to this life style.
Around 2pm we headed out to go up the mountain to cheer on Brendan Green and the Canadian Biathlon team, and of course, to shop!
On the way up we decided to stop at Estok Sadok to check out a shopping mall which was there.  Well we didn’t find the mall but instead we found a really weird RV type semi with the front wind shield wiper which goes around in a circle and we saw a large chicken (mascot) which would go up behind people and peck the top of your head.
Since we couldn’t find the mall we decided to head up to the event, only two Gondola’s and we were there.  On to supper which was dusted donuts and then on to the grand stand standing area to find a area to view the event. This was the first time that we can honestly say that the seats we had bought were not great however we were going to make the best of it.  The event was amazing and it came right down to the finish line to determine who were the medal winners, Brendan and the team had a challenging first round and their shooting wasn’t always the best but they finished a respectable 8th. Then Colleen and Sue kicked into the next Olympic sport – shopping.  After the shopping event it was back down the mountain and on to supper early at 11:00.














One thought on “Day 20 – Slow start

  1. Jennifer & Boomer

    What an amazing trip! Thanks for all the updates and the photos! See you soon Sue, Agnes and Kate :-)