Day 21 – Closing day at the Olympics

The closing day shone “Golden” and warm.  For our last day, it was an early start, we had bobsleigh tickets up on the mountain for 1:30 p.m.  We headed up early in hopes of finishing a little shopping on the way up.  On the train, we actually met the same young man from Siberia that we had met on the train the night before.  He was a translator who spoke very good English and was very informative about everything russian. Last night he had mentioned that the Olympic Park day passes for the next day were sold out and that he didn’t have a ticket.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have our passes last night so it was great to see him this morning and give him a pass that we weren’t using.
Once we arrived at Krasnaya Polyanna,  we headed to the shops.  We were able to complete our shopping in Olympic time then off to McDonalds for coffee which turned into lunch.
Up the gondola we went in time to find a spot along the track and start the next Olympic event – trying to capture the “Bob” under the Sochi 2014 sign! You be the judge as to how well we did. The bobsleigh event was exciting even if most of the track was covered due to the sunny warm weather.  Just before the end of the event we set off to catch the train and hopefully make it back to the boat before the end of the hockey game.  We made it in record time and were able to catch the last two periods of the game.
Now to the part we have been dreading for days, packing.  We fly out at 04:45 a.m., and have rerouted our flight back to Amsterdam (instead of Kiev) for a couple of days.
Goodbye Sochi and thanks for wonderful time!









4 thoughts on “Day 21 – Closing day at the Olympics

  1. Deb, Marge & Shan

    Good luck stuffing souvenirs into your luggage. The Bobsleigh photos are perfectly centered under the olympic signs. Sorry about the early start, glad you are heading to Amsterdam. Thanks for sharing your adventures, safe travels,

  2. KAy Naidoo

    Sad to be leaving, but you and Colleen and sisters had a wonderful time. You look relaxed sitting on the bench, Robin,
    Love you both, Travel safely.
    Kay Naidoo

  3. Kathy Stokes

    Exemplary photography (or shit ass luck). Ahem, hope packing wasn’t too painful and that you enjoy your time in Amsterdam. See you soon, text me up for a dog walk.