Day 23 – Exploring the Netherlands

After 4 hours more sleep than we have had the whole vacation we were ready to do some exploring, so it was off to the airport via the airport shuttle to catch the train to the The Hague.  We got off at Den Hague Central Station and man was it windy, it was so windy there was even a chop on the canal. We stopped by the tourist information for a map and Sue found a familiar sight, it was a pelican.  Apparently in the day, The Hague had a large fish market in the center of town which would attract the pelicans.
We were supposed to be following a walking tour but really enjoyed exploring the city and it’s architecture, despite the map.  Actually sometimes you would see more off the beaten path than on it. We ended up in the embassy area so saw lots of other countries embassies but never found Canada’s.  When we got tired of walking we would just look for the local coffee shop for cappuccino’s and pastries. Eventually we found our way back to the station, where we hopped on the next train and headed to Rotterdam.
Rotterdam is a totally different city from The Hague, as it is known for it’s modern architecture.  When we arrived we headed straight to the tourist information which was located in the brain of a big head sculpture. They gave us yet another map and told us about a large market in the main square.  Looking forward to the market we made a bee line to it, however when we got there is was really a large flea market!  It did have a few vegetable stands as well as some great spice, nuts, olives and dried fruit stands. From there we headed to check out the modern architecture, which was located in one specific area.  After wandering along the waterfront we made our way back to the train station. Once there we stopped for a taste of the local beer before heading home on the high speed train. Supper was great and so convenient- in the Brasserie at our hotel.















2 thoughts on “Day 23 – Exploring the Netherlands

  1. Sheila

    What different looking buildings. I have seen the one Sue was standing in front of on HGTV. I was glad to hear you changes your plans and only stayed in Kiev long enough to board another plane. So sad to see what is happening to that country. Enjoy the final leg of your journey. See you next week. Sue….see you when you next visit Yellowknife.
    Love you all……….Sheila