Day 7 – 1st Event day

We woke to another glorious day, sunny and warm (+13). Today is our first day of events-ski jumping at Russki Gorki Ski jumping Center at 9:30pm. However, first we need to deal with a few logistics. Sue, Kate, Agnes and Jessica finally have a permanent address after trying out five different rooms on the boat. This one has beds for everyone! We also need to get our spectator passes so we elect to take a taxi into Adler to the registration center since the center at Olympic Park has a three hour line up. The Russian people have been amazing- the taxi driver went out of  his way to get us to the proper building and once there the staff were very efficient. Fifteen minutes later we were on our way back to Olympic Park but unfortunately, we didn’t have passes to events in the coastal cluster so we could not get in. We head back to the boat via the train and gather our winter gear ( in the end we really didn’t need any of it) to head up to Krasnaya Polyanna. We took the train and then the bus up to the hill but the bus doesn’t go as far up as the cable car so we got to participate in our own Olympic event-marathon stair climbing. The Ski jumping was terrific but unfortunately the Canadians were out after the first round. We took the cable car back to the train since the group figured that Colleen wouldn’t make it back down the stairs. We arrive back at the boat at 1pm and promptly head to the buffet for supper. Tomorrow is Short Track Speed Skating and the Men’s 1500M and our boy Michael Gilday is competing. Go Michael!!!