Day 8 – Michael’s Day

The weather continues to be fabulous, today was again sunny and +18.  We all cooked in our clothes, Sue was the “coolest” as she was able to wear her famous “I’m on Michael’s team t-shirt and her Canada sweater.  After breakfast we headed out to finally get into the Olympic Park for the first time, get our Canada House passports and cheer on Michael and the Canadian skaters.

Olympic Park which is also called the coastal cluster is AMAZING!  Not only is there an adventure park, there is one stadium and five arenas!  The venue roofs have the capacity to be used for light shows and advertising. Most of the countries also have their fan house within this area.  To say it another way, it takes 1/2 hour to walk from the entry gate to Canada Olympic House (COH).  Once in COH we all had our pictures taken again for our third piece of id, we are now accredited for everything except the field of play.  COH is fantastic, anything you could want is there plus terrific hosts to assist you.

On to Michael’s event at the ICEBERG skating palace.  Today’s events were the men’s 1500m medal round,  women’s 500m and 3000m relay qualifying rounds.  Although today was an amazing day it also came with it’s challenges.  Michael did an outstanding job today however due to a penalty in his second race he didn’t advance to the final round.  The hard part of any event is even though you have held the world record for this distance and you have beat all the other racers on the line, you may not advance to the final round, as was the case today.  That will never take away from the fact that we are super proud of Michael and can’t wait for his next race.  It was still a great day for Canada with Charles Hamelin winning the GOLD!










3 thoughts on “Day 8 – Michael’s Day

  1. Kathy Stokes

    Olympic Park looks amazing !! Too bad about Michael. Sue and Kate I like your hats, I bet you guys cheered the loudest. That must have been amazing to see Charles Hamelin win the gold.

  2. Shaner Clark

    Great posts guys! Love the T-shirts in Sochi, that’s great. So Awesome to see pictures taken from someone we know. enjoy the rest!

  3. Pat Duncan

    You guys look and sound like you are having SUCH a good time ! LOVE the curling rock hats! More than one Yukoners would like those!sorry about your (our) speed skater. what an incredible story today about the young fellow who gave up his chance to race. And the Canadian cross country coach who is really american giving the Russian a ski.. So proud to be Canadian, wish I was there waving the flag with you!