Day 9 – Laundry Day

Today it was supposed to be our rainy day and we are getting low on clothes so with no events it was designated laundry day.  It turned out to be overcast and +18 but with no clothes it was laundry day.  There is a small hotel across the street from where our ship is parked (I mean docked) where we could get our laundry done for 200 rubles for one load, that works out to be approx $7.00, I say good money well spent.  Then it was off to Olympic park to check it out.  We started with the sponsor houses, Samsung was first (which is one of Michael’s sponsors), they had all the new products for sale and some free give aways.  Next it was on to the Volkswagen house, where we touched the new 2014 model cars and watched a car climb an iceberg and drive down the other side.  We could have gone for the ride but we said if we couldn’t drive the car we weren’t standing in the long line up. We continued on to COH where is was spot the famous person standing beside you, some of the notables were Elvis Stojko, Alex Bilodeau, Brad Jacobs and his team, after a very close loss and then the hockey guys, PK Suban, Martin St. Louis, Carey Price, Mike Babcock and probably many more who we didn’t see. The night was topped off on our walk home when Ted Nolan approached to say hi.  He is here coaching Latvia and has a game tomorrow against Switzerland which we are going to try and get tickets for.  Finally it was back to the boat for another late supper and bed.







5 thoughts on “Day 9 – Laundry Day

  1. Barry

    If you see Brad Jacobs again, tell him to “get it in gear”, and don’t wait too long to start playing well!!

  2. Cheryl Case

    Hey once Colleen and Robin clean up their act – maybe post a photo. I love your stories and photos. Susan you are wearing RED in fine style:)

  3. Sheila

    Hi guys,
    I have had a busy week so am finally getting down to reading about your adventure. It sounds like an amazing trip as I knew it would be. I agree with your friend who mentioned Brad Jacobs. Now is not the time to develop a “slump”. I have faith in our boys…I believe they will come through. All is good here. Still super cold so I am envious of your plus 18 temperatures.
    Take care & keep the posts coming.
    Love Sheila