Finally arrived in Sochi

Today we are heading to Sochi!!!! We were standing in line to check in for our flight to Sochi via Moscow when we were joined by Kate and Agnes, our friends from Whitehorse.  Our flight to Moscow on UIA was faintly reminicent of the old Pacific Western Airlines days, where they had the minimum of spaces possible between the seats but the flight wasn’t full so we all had an empty seat beside us. Unfortunately, the weather in Moscow was quite foggy so we didn’t see any of the city flying in. We had to collect our bags and check back in for our next flight to Sochi. We were met by some wonderful young Russian Ambassadors who helped us to navigate the Moscow airport. They did a marvelous job, on our own I think we would have been still in the line up to check in.  Again due to weather there was not a lot to see on our flight into Sochi until we were at our destination and we saw the beautiful snow peaked mountain range surrounding the Black Sea.  We have finally arrived!  The temp was +10 and the sun was shining and the palm trees were waving.  Sochi is exactly what you would exactly for a summer resort, our winter gear maybe a bit warm for this weather.  We took our prearranged shuttle to the port of Alder which is located next to the Olympic cluster.  We checked in to the Grand Holiday cruise liner that is our hotel for the next 16 days. Since we have now been up for a day and a half it’s time to find supper and head to bed, tomorrow our events start.




4 thoughts on “Finally arrived in Sochi

  1. Debbie

    Sochi looks lovely, lucky you – green grass and Spring temperatures. I looked at your itinerary and I think you got to watch Canada win gold. That must have been exciting. Looks like you have a few free days to catch up on sleep and explore the resort. Looking forward to your pictures. Are you enjoying the tiny showers on the ship?
    Cheer with enthusiasm,

  2. John and Angie and the Girls

    Glad you made it there safely. Can’t wait for more pictures of the venues and of Adler/Sochi. I hope you got to see Charles Hamelin get the gold today. I hope you got some sleep finally when you arrived on the ship. Love you guys.

  3. Dad

    Great to hear you arrived safely.Those deserts looked awsome,Colleen and Sue must have talked you into them.Here we are up to our you know what and you guys are basking in the sun (+10 ). Anyway catch up on your sleep and keep in touch when you have time and enjoythe games, Everything is fine hear.

    Love Mom&Dad.

  4. KAy Naidoo

    Imagine staying on a cruise ship. How smart can they be.
    Enjoy and have fun/ I am okay. Still cold here.